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Top 5 Tips & Tricks for a Smooth Labor and Delivery

Smooth Labor and Delivery

Life seems to be rushing quicker and faster all the time, but things are slowing down in the delivery room. According to a National Institutes of Health research, labor now takes 2.6 hours longer for first-time mothers than it did 50 years ago. Knowing how to make the difficult task of having a baby more tolerable helps to make that extra time in the delivery room less painful and more enjoyable. Here are 5 tips and tricks you can do for smooth labor and delivery.

1. Eat Healthy and Do Exercise

Eating the right kind of foods during your pregnancy not only helps your body stay on track, but  it also helps to keep your baby healthy. If you are feeling unwell this must be checked by your midwife.

Being healthy during pregnancy helps prevent complications during delivery as well. Premature babies may have some growth issues, might have some breathing issues on their own and may need to be in ICU to help them stabilize. Talk to your Midwife and see what can be done to help for more healthy and fit health during pregnancy. 

2. Educate Yourself

Anxious? Nervous? That’s normal ! We all have a fear of the not known and especially when it’s your first pregnancy. So what can you do? Just learn and gain more knowledge about birthing books, scroll over the  internet, talk to friends/family members as they might have gone through this period. The more you get to know, the more you will be prepared. Keep in mind that everyone’s experience is unique to each of them but keeping a sense of calm and readiness before you go into labor will set the mood for an awesome birth experience. 

3. Stay Active

It’s obvious and has been seen from years that laying on your back during labor is one of the worst and very haptic positions to be in. Get up and move ! Walking and moving will help and keep the labor process going smoothly. When you don’t go for a walk and movement of your body gets stopped and laid down, usually during the labor time period that can be very frustrating for you. 

So dance, wiggle, do laps, bounce on an exercise ball – get the baby out Do as much movement that is possible in order to get this process calmly done ! Also, your birth position has a huge impact on the smoothness of your labor and delivery time period. Try to be in positions that encourage you to help bring  the baby out and go under a successful labor surgery . Things like squatting, on all fours and on your side can be comfortable,

4. Keep an Open Mind

You might have heard this before that Attitude is everything ! If you go into your labor and delivery with excitement, also keeping calm and a positive attitude, odds are you will  probably have a great way ahead for welcoming your new little one into this world  – even if there is nervousness along the way. If you go into the labor and delivery time and are a bit afraid then the odds might not be on your side as it will probably not go as planned. 

Being focused and calm helps and having a birth plan is a great way to share your wishes with your family as well as near and dear ones without having to speak those during labor. So start working on this in advance  so you get a chance to communicate your wishes and do research regarding what you want. The most important thing? Have an open mindset, be calm and be relieved ! It’s easy to get off from a hiccup that you weren’t expecting. If you panic, complications will probably occur and then everything which is planned will go in another way themselves. If you take it in the right way, odds are your labor will keep progressing as smoothly as you have planned. 

5. Support System

Think about your friends and family, and be sure whom you will contact for the final time. It’s pretty sure they are also excited as you’re to welcome the new little one into this world . Do any of them stress you out? Do any of them help walk you off the time you were into this ? When considering who to have present at your birth not everyone but some of the very close one’s should be present at time of your baby 

taking birth , ask yourself who your go-to person is that helps calm you down because staying calm is the most important step. 

Labor is intense. It’s real. It can be complicated also It might be exhausting. You need to surround yourself with people that support you also the ones which are gone through this situation in order to handle if anything is happened , that can keep you focused, that motivate you and give you the extra push you need to cross the final stage to welcome the little one finally after a long wait into this world ! 

By Following these Top 5 tips and tricks can help you have a smooth labor and delivery.

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