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8 Week Baby Scan
at our Clinic In Leicester

Advanced Imaging Technology

8 Week Baby Scan

On an 8 week baby scan the heartbeat is also now detectable on a scan. Your baby is now making spontaneous movements. The limb buds are growing rapidly and now resemble arms and legs. The arms now also have a functional wrist joint, and the digits of the hands and feet are beginning to separate and become less ‘webbed’ in appearance.

Your baby is growing at about 1 mm a day, and will now measure around 1.6 cm.

Week 8 is a fabulous time to have a look at the baby’s growth and also to check if everything is going in the right way. 

The body parts of newborns are in the developing stage and now look like arms and legs. The arms can be viewed as having  wrist joints, and the fingers of the hands and feet are starting to be turned out.

Facial parts such as lips and nose are in the process to shape, and the eyes are formed and eyelashes can be viewed.

So, for an 8 week baby scan, you can visit Bump2Baby Scans which is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Early Pregnancy Scan £69

From 7 Weeks

  • Measurements of the baby
  • Fetal heartbeat check
  • 2 x 2D black and white images provided

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