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Ultrasound scan: Types, Importance, And Uses

A pregnancy scan is a test that makes use of high-frequency sound waves to examine an organism on the inside. A portable scanner generates sound waves by vibrating a crystal. The ‘echoes,’ or reflected sound waves, are converted into a fuzzy, two- (or occasionally three-) dimensional picture on a screen.

Using ultrasound during pregnancy allows doctors to monitor the fetus’s progress and detect any anomalies, such as Down syndrome. This is because the method needs to yield better-quality pictures. Thus any potential anomalies must be validated by other means. Ultrasound scans aren’t foolproof, but they have the benefits of being non-invasive, painless, and safe for the woman and her unborn child. Keep reading to learn more about the pregnancy baby scans in Leicester.

Uses of Ultrasound Baby Scans You Can’t Miss

Many ultrasound examinations are performed throughout pregnancy.

  • In the first three months of pregnancy, an ultrasound is used to confirm that the embryo is typically developing inside the uterus (as opposed to, say, a fallopian tube), to count the number of embryos, and to determine the gestational age and the expected date of delivery.
  • During the second trimester, between weeks 18 and 20, an ultrasound can examine the development of the fetus’s spine, limbs, brain, and internal organs. The placenta’s size and position are also evaluated. If the parents are interested, the baby’s gender can be determined.
  • If you’re concerned that your baby’s development isn’t proceeding as expected, an ultrasound might help you get peace of mind in the third trimester. Placenta placement is evaluated to rule out any potential obstruction of the cervix.

Diagnosis and Process of Ultrasound

An ultrasound of the upper abdomen requires the patient to be in a recumbent position on a table or bed. To ensure optimal contact between your body and the ultrasound probe, the sonographer, or ultrasound technician, will apply gel to your skin. The technician will position the handheld probe on your skin over the target organ, tissue, or body part.

The images, which may be two or three dimensions in depth, are displayed instantaneously on a screen.

Some variations in technique may be necessary for other kinds of ultrasonography. A transvaginal scan may be performed to examine the pelvis, in which a specialized ultrasonic probe is inserted into the vagina rather than (or in addition to) scanning via the front of the pelvis.

Types of Ultrasound Scans 

Most ultrasounds are performed using a transducer on the skin’s surface. Occasionally, though, physicians and technicians might obtain a more accurate diagnostic picture by introducing a specific transducer into one of the body’s natural openings:

  • A transducer probe is inserted into a woman’s vagina during a transvaginal ultrasound to obtain more explicit pictures of her uterus and ovaries.
  • Sometimes, transrectal ultrasonography is performed to diagnose prostate problems.
  • The transducer probe is inserted into the esophagus during transesophageal echocardiography so that the sonographer may acquire sharper pictures of the heart.
  • Additionally, ultrasound technology has evolved to permit several imaging types:
  • Doppler ultrasonography produces pictures of blood flow via arteries.
  • Sonography of the bones helps physicians identify osteoporosis.
  • Echocardiograms are utilized for cardiac imaging.
  • 3D imaging adds a third dimension to the ultrasound image, producing three-dimensional interpretations instead of standard two-dimensional views.
  • 4D ultrasounds display 3D moving visuals.

Medical concerns and ultrasonography

Specific ultrasound exams require additional preparation, including:

  • You may be instructed to refrain from eating a few hours before an upper abdominal scan.
  • Specific pelvic exams require a full bladder before the imaging.
  • You must consult your physician or the ultrasound department to determine if you need to take any particular precautions before your scan.

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