4D/HD Live Baby Scan

4D baby scan ultrasound  is a great way to obtain a clear, moving 3D image of your baby. We also offer HD Live baby scans as part of our 4D scan packages which shows moving 3D images, with time acting as the fourth dimension. 4D/HD Live baby scans focus on the skin of the baby, rather than its internal organs. These scans provide parents with a moving, unforgettable image of their child. You can see your baby’s features, their nose, their mouth and may even get to observe them smiling or yawning inside the womb.

Bump2BabyScans in Leicester specialises in 4D baby scans Leicester.

Contact our specialists in Leicestershire to arrange a baby scan and enjoy a memorable and exciting opportunity to see your baby in a private baby scan Leicester.

Silver 4D HD Live Package

From 14 Weeks - £99

Gold 4D HD Live Package

From 14 Weeks - £120

Add-ons and Extras

Gender Scans

Early gender scans from 15 weeks at our clinic in Leicester

NIPT Tests

We offer a thorough NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening) Blood Test from 9 weeks.


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