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10-Week Baby Scan: What It Is Like For You and Your Baby

Congratulations, as you have made it to the 10th week of your pregnancy, you have completed the first trimester safely and smoothly. This week is a momentous occasion for you and your unborn child. At ten weeks pregnant, you might just be starting to show, even though it’s fine if there aren’t any symptoms of a bump yet, and you might also notice visible veins. But there is a lot more than that happening inside you. Let us tell you what you can see in the 10-week baby scan.

Baby at Week 10

During the embryonic phase, the body’s primary organs, such as the brain, heart, and lungs, as well as the arms and legs, are formed. As soon as you have a fetus, all organs and parts are already established and are now growing and developing. 

At this point in the pregnancy, the baby already has completely formed arm joints, and cartilage and bones are beginning to form. Additionally, fingernails and hair are starting to become seen. At the tenth week of pregnancy, the baby is approximately the size of a strawberry. It is approximately 1.2 inches long and weighs approximately .14 ounces. The body length of your foetus, which is now 10 weeks old, will virtually double in the following three weeks.

The bones in your baby’s hands and feet also develop, and the lung tissue matures. Blood cells, previously produced in the liver and spleen, will soon be produced by cells in the tiny hollows of the baby’s bones. Soon enough, your baby will show you that cute little pink tongue.

You at Week 10

As the baby grows, your ligaments and muscles expand in your 10 weeks pregnant abdomen, and your breasts grow. 10 weeks pregnant symptoms include:

  • Growing Breasts

By week 10 of your pregnancy, your breasts have most likely increased in size and may be experiencing discomfort because they have already been preparing for breastfeeding for several weeks.

  • Fatigue

In addition to your body working very hard to raise your kid, you may also find that you have some fairly strange nightmares during the night.

  • Mood Swings

It’s possible that shifts in your hormone levels are to blame for your emotional ups and downs.

  • Round ligament pain

As your belly expands to accommodate your growing baby, you may experience discomfort. A few of the pregnant women report feeling nothing at all, while others report severe discomfort from what is known as round ligament pain. Pain in the round ligaments may be more obvious at 10 weeks pregnant with twins. Tell your doctor if you are experiencing severe 10 weeks pregnancy symptoms.

  • Visible blue veins

Those blue lines remind you that your blood volume is increasing to support your growing kid. The increased blood flow through your veins may also cause spider veins to form.

After your 10-week baby scan at Bump2Baby Scans, talk to your gynecologist for advice on your health.

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