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Why Private Scans Are Must When Expecting a Child?

Being a mother is another level of feeling that can’t be described. You have another life growing in your body. Therefore, taking proper care is a must for a healthy pregnancy. However, many of you neglect the private pregnancy scan Leicester that helps ensure the baby grows and develops commonly.

We understand this and thus provide routine private scans between 7 and 14 weeks to determine if you’re having one or multiple babies, establish a due date, and look for any abnormalities between 18 and 21 weeks. However, a private pregnancy scan can be scheduled if you want more information or reassurance than is available during your NHS scan sessions. Let’s learn more about the importance of private scans in detail!

To Provide Comfort

It is natural to seek early reassurance that everything is well with your pregnancy, especially if you have experienced a miscarriage. You may schedule a private scan starting 7 weeks into your pregnancy rather than waiting for your usual NHS scan. Although the baby will still be in the early stages of development, a reassurance scan can help to set your mind at ease by verifying the pregnancy’s due date, counting the number of embryos, and examining your ovaries and pelvic area.

To Learn the Gender 

Many expectant parents count learning their child’s gender among pregnancy’s most thrilling moments. You can find out the gender of your baby as early as 14 weeks into your pregnancy with a private pregnancy scan rather than waiting for the NHS scan at roughly 20 weeks. If your NHS sonographer was unable to detect the gender of your baby owing to the baby’s position, this scan might be of assistance.

Closer Look of Newborn

Many expectant parents pay more for a private ultrasound to get a better look at their unborn child. While regular NHS scans can reassure you that everything is going smoothly and offer you some essential imaging, a private scan may show you your baby in incredible detail. By allowing you to see your kid in three dimensions and then in four, 3D and 4D scans help you bond with your child sooner. Your baby’s movements, such as stretching, kicking, or sucking its thumb, may be captured in 3D color prints that you can take home with you.

To Track Your Pregnancy’s Development

A private pregnancy scan in Leicester gives you access to obstetricians and gynecologists who may answer any questions regarding your pregnancy. 

How is it Done?

Abdominal imaging 

The most frequent method is an abdominal scan, which is why it is presented first. A translucent probe or ultrasonic transducer is a handheld instrument to establish pregnancy by sending sound waves through the uterus after the Sonographer applies gel to the patient’s stomach.

Scan of the genitalia

When a standard stomach scan does not yield definitive findings, or when the pregnancy is still in its early stages, a second, more specialized treatment may be conducted.

The gel is used to lubricate the probe before it is put inside rather than used on the skin of the stomach. In this approach, the information gained is more precise and trustworthy. In addition to being painless, this technique guarantees the health of both you and your unborn child.

All pregnancies, not just high-risk ones, should be routinely scanned early. It can reveal an audible fetal heartbeat, count the number of pregnancies, track the fetus’s development, and predict and avoid future issues.

Ending Up!

It’s best to get this done as soon as possible and have it repeated periodically; knowing that your baby is developing typically will give you peace of mind and make your pregnancy more enjoyable overall. And we at Bump2Baby Scans are here to add more comfort to your pregnancy journey with our scanning services. 


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