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Bump2Baby Scans FAQs
From our Ultrasound Clinic In Leicester


Frequently Asked Questions

Having a pregnancy ultrasound scan is a wise decision as it will give you crucial information about your baby and also provide you with a wonderful bonding opportunity. On this page, we invite you to read our baby scans FAQS so you can have all the information you need before booking an appointment. Bump2Baby Scans in Leicester is fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission and our Ultrasound Technician is registered with The British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS).

Some of the FAQs are here which will help you to know basic and generally asked questions related to baby scans. So we have listed the most common based on our previous experience. Click on a question to read the answer.

folic acid in pregnancy

Yes, scans are preformed by a fully qualified ultrasound technicians.

Early Pregnancy scan from 7 weeks, Gender scans from 14 weeks, 2D/3D/4D and HD Live Scans using the latest technology.

We use the GE Voluson E8 built on the powerful Expert Series platform. The Voluson E8 combines advanced 2D images to our new 3D/4D imaging technologies, with a HD Live feature. You can find out more information.
Ultrasound has been used for the last 50 years successfully. It uses soundwaves - not radiation - to produce an image of your baby. No proven risks are known to date. For updated information, see The Fetal Medicine Foundation and BMUS (British Medical Ultrasound Society).
You should be at least 7 weeks pregnant for an early scan to be performed to ensure the fetal heart pulsations can be seen. Any earlier, the scan findings can be inconclusive.

gender scan can be performed from 14 weeks with 99.9% accuracy. If the baby is not in the right position, where necessary we will arrange another appointment free of charge.

The best time for scanning is between 14 to 32 weeks’ gestation due to the size of the baby and optimum amount of amniotic fluid present. Prior to 26 weeks, the baby may appear more skeletal due to its size, and after 32 weeks the reduction in amniotic fluid may not allow clear images of the baby. If you are outside of the suggested range, we will endeavour to try and obtain the best possible images however this may not always be guaranteed. For a multiple pregnancy, the best gestation is between 22 and 28 weeks.
3D baby scan produces three-dimensional images of your baby. The fourth dimension is motion, which means a 4D scan offers a moving video of the 3D scan.
No. You don’t need a referral from a doctor or midwife for any of our 2D, 3D, or 4D scans.

Family and friends are more than welcome to come and share this amazing experience with you. The images are shown by a projector on a large viewing area for everyone to see. For comfort, we suggest a maximum of 5 people in the room, however we can discuss any particular needs you have. Children are more than welcome to attend but must be supervised at all times.

As with your regular hospital scans, we ask you to drink plenty of water before you arrive at our practice. This helps to make the amniotic fluid clearer, which allows for better images. If possible, maybe have a snack or a drink of fruit juice about an hour prior to your appointment to help make the baby a little more active. Other than that, there are no special requirements for your scan. Just come along, relax, and enjoy meeting your little one on screen.
You will usually have your routine scans with your local NHS Trust. Bump2Baby scans do not replace your NHS routine scans. NHS scans are there to monitor the well-being and progress of your developing baby. Bump2Baby scans are there to enable you and your partner access to ultrasound services between your routine scans to either confirm pregnancy viability as an early scan, check the gender of your baby prior to your 20-week scan (or after if the baby hides), or to get a head start in the bonding process with your baby.
We are a non-diagnostic , non-screening and non-medical service. We do not check for abnormalities, however if anything unusual is noticed, we will explain our finding based on basic observation and you will be referred to your midwife or GP.
Payment for 2D, 3D and 4D Baby Scans can be made by debit/credit card. We do require a £20 deposit for all packages when booking. We request a 48 hour cancellation if you wish to cancel. If an appointment is cancelled after 48 hours, your deposit will become non-refundable.
There is large car parking facility available at the front of the building to the side and the back. Please note during office hours 9am - 5pm we would request you use the parking at the back or to the side of the building.