Bump2BabyScans is a private pregnancy clinic based in Leicester.

Specialising in early pregnancy and reassurance scans, Gender Scan, 4D/HD Live Scans.
Non Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) Blood tests and Group B Strep Kits. We cover Leicester and surrounding areas such as the Midlands, Birmingham, Nottingham, Coventry, and Derby.

CQC - Rated Good

Pregnancy is one of the most special moments in your life and we are here to help you on your journey. By having ultrasound scans performed during your pregnancy, you can start the bonding process with your little miracle before they enter the world and gain valuable information. Bump2Baby Scans offer 2D, 3D and 4D HD/Live scans in a private baby scan clinic, based in the centre of Leicester. All our baby scan packages are performed by fully qualified Ultrasound Technicians, using the latest ultrasound technology.

Bump2Baby Scans is a private baby scan clinic is regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Our Ultrasound Technicians are registered with The British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS). Bump2Baby Scans strictly adhere to all UK safety standards and practice recommendations. 

Please contact Bump2Baby Scans to arrange your ultrasound scan today.

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Early Pregnancy Scans

Get an early pregnancy scan done in the from 7 weeks of pregnancy for peace of mind.

Gender Scans

Early gender scans from 14 weeks at our clinic in Leicester

4D/HD Scans

4D HD Live ultrasound scans are a great way to obtain a clear, moving 3D image of your baby.

NIPT Tests

We offer a thorough NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing) Blood Tests from 9 weeks.

More Than Just A Baby Scan Appointment

We believe a baby scan is more than just an appointment, it’s an opportunity to connect to your baby from just 7 weeks gestation. The team of specialists at Bump2Baby Scans provide you with a relaxing, comfortable experience performed in a professional, caring and sensitive manner. Ultrasound scans are performed in a quiet, calm environment for you to enjoy with your partner, friends or family. Children are welcome and encouraged to be a part of this bonding experience (Please be mindful that COVID restrictions may apply, contact us before your appointment to discuss).

A visit to Bump2Baby Scans is truly a magical and memorable experience.

How many weeks pregnant am I?

Group B Strep Test Kits Available

A Professional and Private Pregnancy Ultrasound Clinic

We offer parents-to-be throughout Leicestershire a truly memorable and exciting opportunity to have an incredible first glimpse of your baby. Our clinic uses state-of-the-art technology operated by fully qualified ultrasound technicians. Usually, our scans are performed for reassurance purposes and we are not looking for abnormalities. However, if anything unusual is observed, we will refer you directly to your chosen hospital, midwife or GP for further investigation.

Customer reviews

If you re looking for a place to do a scan I recommend going to this place as they are very frendly and professional and they made it very easy for me. I’ve been pregnant 2 times before and this was by far the smoothest and easiest scan I’ve ever done.

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Bartha Fellague

I recently visited with my other half and was delighted to be greeted by two of the friendliest staff who put together a heartbeat bear and christmas bag for my little one alongside the nicest gender reveal balloon for our family. Will definitely visit again.

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Rebecca Green

Great place, amazing experience. So nice when you can receive early pregnancy reassurance using latest equipment. Scan photos were of a great quality and I was able to watch video of the baby moving hands and feets and also to listen to a heart beat!

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Gerda Gorbac

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