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Specialising in early pregnancy and reassurance abdominal scans, gender scans, 4D/HD Live scans and non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) blood tests.

Gain peace of mind with our early reassurance scans, ensuring the well-being of your baby from the earliest stages.

Discover the gender of your baby with our accurate and sensitive early gender reveal scans.

Experience a vivid glimpse of your baby with our advanced 3D and 4D ultrasound scans, capturing detailed images and live movements.

Opt for our comprehensive genetic blood test packages for crucial insights into your baby’s health and development.

Who We Are

Welcome to Bump2Baby Scans

Your Trusted Partner in Pregnancy Journey
Bump2Baby Scans is a premier private baby scan clinic in the heart of Leicester, offering a nurturing environment for parents-to-be. Our qualified Ultrasound Technicians use the latest technology to provide a unique bonding experience with your unborn child, adhering to the highest safety standards and regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

Early Pregnancy Scans

Get an early pregnancy scan done from 7 weeks of pregnancy for peace of mind.
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Gender Scans

Early gender scans from 14 weeks at our clinic in Leicester.
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4D/HD Scans

4D HD Live ultrasound scans are a great way to obtain a clear, moving 3D image of your baby.

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NIPT Blood Tests

We offer a thorough NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing) Blood Tests from 10 weeks.
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Discover Comprehensive Pregnancy Care

More Than Just a Scan:
Your Journey with Bump2Baby

At Bump2Baby Scans, we’re dedicated to providing a deeply personal and reassuring experience from the earliest stages of pregnancy. Whether you’re seeking early reassurance, eager to learn your baby’s gender, or excited for a detailed 4D scan, our services are designed to enhance your bonding experience. Compliant with The British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS) and monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), we ensure top-quality care.
Wondering, “How many weeks pregnant am I?” Use our Pregnancy Calculator to find out.

Why Choose Us

Your Trusted Partner Through
Every Stage of Pregnancy​

At Bump2Baby, we take pride in offering a professional and private ultrasound experience that caters to the entire family. Our clinic is designed to provide a warm, calming environment, ensuring your comfort and privacy at every visit. We understand the importance of sensitivity and personal space, which is why we strive to create a safe and homely atmosphere that makes each visit a cherished memory of your pregnancy journey.

Explore our comprehensive range of services:

Early Pregnancy Scans

From 7 weeks: Begin your journey with us early for peace of mind.

Gender Scans

From 14 weeks: Discover your baby's gender with clarity and joy.

2D, 3D, 4D/HD Live Scans

See your baby in stunning detail and live motion.

Reassurance Scans

Get the comfort of knowing your baby is developing well.

NIPT Blood Test

From 10 weeks: Opt for advanced genetic screening for crucial insights.

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Your private baby scan clinic based in Leicester. If you need more information about our services or have any questions, please fill out the form, and our team will promptly be in touch with you.
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What Our Customer are Saying

11 May 2024
We have used baby2bump twice and each of our visits have been amazing. The staff are very helpful, professional and caring. I personally wouldnt go elsewhere! Thank you so much for your services!
Raveena Panesar
Raveena Panesar
21 April 2024
We have attended the clinic for both of my pregnancy for various scans throughout. We have been really happy with the service. Will highly reccomend to our family and friends.
Rajneet Dhillon
Rajneet Dhillon
14 April 2024
Having visited the baby scan clinic for both early gender determination and a 4D scan, I must say it was an exceptional experience. The staff were incredibly warm and professional, making us feel comfortable throughout. The early gender determination was accurate and gave us peace of mind, while the 4D scan provided stunning images of our baby. The clinic's facilities were modern and clean, enhancing the overall experience. I highly recommend this clinic for expectant parents seeking quality service and memorable moments.
Pavneet Energy Healer
Pavneet Energy Healer
22 November 2023
Highly recommended! We've used them twice so far and both times the service has been nothing short of AMAZING! They have a very kind, caring and friendly approach and the photos & videos they generated of our little one, are absolutely priceless. ❤️
Georgilee Williamson
Georgilee Williamson
7 September 2023
Went yesterday for an early gender scan was worried at 14 weeks that we wouldn’t find out due to me having a higher BMI but everything was perfect the lady doing it was so lovely and professional and it was a really special experience
Javid Husseni
Javid Husseni
14 July 2023
Today we had an awesome day! We met a lady who really loves her job. She’s been so nice and kind to me and my wife. I really give respect to people who understand other people’s feelings. Thank you for today and God bless you ❤️🙏🙂
Sp Sp
Sp Sp
8 June 2023
Went last week to find out what I was having! It was a brilliant experience but found it a little weird seeing the baby in 3d! Very friendly staff and very welcoming. Would recommend to anyone to go here. Thankyou
Tina Devgun
Tina Devgun
6 March 2023
I got my first reassurance scan from these lovely ladies and also my gender reveal scan. The service was absolutely amazing. Their personal advice was so reassuring for me and my husband and I would totally recommend them to anyone! Quick, easy, efficient and excellent service.
Nailah Master
Nailah Master
21 February 2023
Thank you for a wonderful experience. At times of anxiety and worry it’s always nice to have welcoming and friendly people around.

If you re looking for a place to do a scan I recommend going to this place as they are very friendly and professional and they made it very easy for me. I’ve been pregnant 2 times before and this was by far the smoothest and easiest scan I’ve ever done.

Bartha Fellague

I recently visited with my other half and was delighted to be greeted by two of the friendliest staff who put together a heartbeat bear and Christmas bag for my little one alongside the nicest gender reveal balloon for our family. Will definitely visit again.

Rebecca Green

Great place, amazing experience. So nice when you can receive early pregnancy reassurance using latest equipment. Scan photos were of a great quality and I was able to watch video of the baby moving hands and feet and also to listen to a heart beat!

Gerda Gorbac

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