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What Does Your 7-Week Baby Scan Show You?

Did you just find out you were pregnant and scheduled an ultrasound? If this is your first pregnancy, you probably have many concerns about having an ultrasound. There is no rule for getting done with an ultrasound during 7th week, but it’s your decision whether or not to get one.

If you can’t pinpoint the first day of your last period, an early ultrasound may be of assistance. Your doctor may recommend an early 7-week baby scan if you have any previous medical illness or miscarriage.

Why Prefer 7-Week Baby Scan?

The following are the most common reasons for a baby scan at seven weeks of pregnancy, as well as other early gestational ages:

  • previous unsuccessful pregnancies
  • Pain in the pelvis on one side
  • underwent in vitro fertilization
  • you’re unsure how far along you are
  • spotting or bleeding in the vaginal area
  • after a positive pregnancy ultrasound, you want to have visual evidence of your pregnancy

What Can You Expect in 7 Week Baby Scan?

Ultrasounds are performed vaginally in the first trimester of pregnancy rather than abdominally. It’s because, at this stage, the uterus is still tiny and situated quite low in the pelvis. To get a more precise picture of your uterus, a vaginal ultrasound will be performed. If you’re experiencing any discomfort or bleeding in your early pregnancy, an ultrasound at 6 weeks can help determine the cause.

Baby at 7-Week

When your baby is 7 weeks old, he or she will be about the size of a lentil or 5–9 mm in length. 

It is possible to observe a heartbeat from the fetus on the ultrasound monitor as early as seven weeks into a pregnancy, but this is the earliest stage of pregnancy at which this is possible. At this point, you likely won’t be able to see it at all or at least only very faintly, on an ultrasound. Visible heart rates range from approximately 90 to 110 per minute. 

If the ultrasound screen shows a tiny, blank circle, you shouldn’t worry. Only the yolk sac is usually visible when a baby is born because it is so early in the pregnancy. You may feel that your infant resembles a tadpole right now. All of its vital organs are maturing, even though it is still quite young. 

This week sees the further development of the facial characteristics, including the formation of the teeny-weeny pits that will eventually become the ears. The apertures in the nostrils develop simultaneously as the black dots that will become your baby’s eyes. The buds that will eventually become the arms and legs started to form in week 5, and they continue to expand while simultaneously creating the muscle and bone tissue that will be contained within them. Make sure you get some sleep because this development will drain your energy. 

Talk to your doctor about taking all the supplements you need to take during this phase of your pregnancy.

More about Pregnancy Scans

A pregnancy scan is similar to a “regular” scan, except that it’s used to check the condition of your unborn child’s health rather than inspecting the gallbladder for gallstones. Therefore, ultrasound scans are performed to see the foetus, the placental region, the uterus and cervical area, and the ovaries during pregnancy. Ultrasounds, often known as prenatal scans, are routinely performed on pregnant women at any time during their pregnancies.

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