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Types Of Complication A Fetus Might Face During Pregnancy

complications in pregnancy

For everything good that happens in our life is a way of bringing joy in our life, we should also be prepared for the worst to happen. Same goes with pregnancy. As per history of many years we have always seen some complications that might happen with the baby or the mother. This is the reason suggested visits to the baby scan clinic is always necessary. A baby health scan can easily detect if there is any problem with the baby . In this blog, we have mentioned some of the complications a baby might have during pregnancy.

Baby Growth Disorders

Baby growth disorder can be in two ways. Firstly your baby is too small or your baby might be bigger in size. Your Baby Scan will help you detect it before only during a baby health check-up. But if your baby’s size is big, it could be due to diabetes, excessive weight, etc. These complications in pregnancy can lead to problems during delivery. There is not much to do once the baby is born. So, it is best to eat a healthy diet and control your diabetes as it may affect your small one also . 

If we move onto another point, if your baby’s size is small, it can occur due to hypertension, genetic problems, complications with placenta, lack of oxygen, and problems with mother like kidney, lungs,or any other disease. The babies once detected with these problems during a baby health scan will be needed to keep under close observation. With the help of a baby scan you will be able to find the perfect time to deliver the baby. Eating healthy and plenty of rest is the only way to prevent this complication. So that both you and your baby will have  good health ultimately leads to a good , proper delivery.

Genetic Problems

When a person’s gene changes, it is known as genetic conditions. Even though it is a condition that occurs in adults, Nowadays it can be found in unborn babies too. They are passed on through generations in a family. Many times, it can happen during a woman’s first pregnancy. Mainly if the mother is above 35, it can increase the chances of genetic conditions in a new born baby. A baby scan is the easiest way to detect if your new baby is also facing the same problem in your womb. Sometimes, genetic testing is done to review the further problem. 

Baby Anomalies

Another kind of complication is a baby anomaly. It is the structural birth defect in a baby which can be easily detected in a scan during a baby health scan check-up. Some of these anomalies can be severe but some of them might be quite mild. These anomalies include heart defects, brain abnormalities, dwarfism, etc. Depending on the type of the problem, it is treated accordingly. Genetic counselling, genetic testing, maternal-fetal medicine physician consultation.

So, know these problems beforehand and be prepared during your visit to our baby scan clinic in Leicester.

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