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How to maintain healthy diet in your pregnancy during the covid-19?

healthy diet in pregnancy

Covid-19 pandemic has put the entire world upside down. Also, there is the fear of getting infected by this deadly virus, not only for a pregnant woman but also, general people. Though there is a low risk to a pregnant woman, we cannot neglect the situation. Maintaining good mental health during this pandemic is very hard, but few kinds of research have stated that if you take stress, then it may affect your baby in the development of the brain, hence you must take care of it, and also keep yourself away from such mental stress, by keeping yourself busy in any activity such as yoga, light exercises, meditation, and the main thing is to maintain the proper and healthy diet in pregnancy which helps you to increase your immunity.

Having a nutritious and healthy diet is one of the challenging tasks for all women in pregnancy as you will be already craving crazy food, which may be junk food as well, but having unhealthy food is not adequate for both mother and baby. Hence maintaining a healthy diet is very important.

All the moms who are expecting will feel that they should have a double meal for themselves and their baby, but NO, you don’t have to eat for two.

Here are the things which you need to include in your healthy diet:

1) Vegetables & Fruits: have your meal in 4 to 6 portions of veggies and fruits. Frozen, dried, juiced, tinned, Fresh could be part of your everyday diet.

2) Starchy foods: These foods are a good source of energy, vitamins, and fiber. Certain foods include in this category are rice cereals, pasta, noodles, bread & potatoes, etc. Try to have a whole meal instead of refined or white versions.

3) Protein: These are the best source for the baby’s growth. these include fish, eggs, beans, nuts, meats & pulses.

4) Dairy products: These contain calcium and other necessary fibers. Choose low-fat, skimmed, 1% fat milk or yogurt also, you can prefer soya drinks but unsweetened ones

What to avoid?

There are a few foods which you should never consume when you’re expecting. these include some types of cheese, raw vegetables, and uncooked meat, etc.

Also, contact the doctor before following any kind of diet if you have any health conditions.

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