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Facts About Ultrasound Scan That You Should Know About?

Facts About Ultrasound Scan

The basic procedure of an ultrasound scan according to many people is to help the process of keeping an eye on the growth and health of a baby, during the time of pregnancy. Now, what is an ultrasound scan? Well, it is a medical process that clicks the internal images of the body by using a high-frequency sound wave. Sonography is the other name of ultrasound. 

There are no risks involved 

Ultrasound scans deliver no risk. This scan doesn’t use any form of injurious radiation like x-ray or anything else. It uses high-frequency waves to get the internal images of one’s body. Afterwards the body soaks up those sound waves in some form of heat. 

Interesting history of Ultrasound

History of sonogram is a bit unique when we hear it for the first time as it was used in a clinic in times of Britishers but the first time sonogram was done in the  late 1950s .After that, the sonogram has experienced several developments, after that period of time it is being preferred and used by the people as a safe method for knowing the growth and health of the baby. 

Ultrasounds serves multiple purposes 

In previous times ultrasound scans were used to know if a woman is pregnant or not. But after that period a huge number of specialists started using it for various purposes like the detection of cyst tumor, uncovering heart problems, diagnosis of some gallbladder issues.  

Guides a woman to take serious decisions 

Pregnant mothers have given a great review about the ultrasound as it helps in the detection of the fetus’ health and also helps to keep an eye on growth of the baby. As told by the experts, the majority of women are unaware about their pregnancy before they undergo an ultrasound scan. It makes sure that the woman is healthy and so is the fetus. 

It played a significant role in reducing the rate of abortion 

Yes, ultrasound scans helped in the reduction rate of abortion. How? Well, when a woman looks at the ultrasound images of the fetus, they can have a look that the baby is healthy as well as moving. This affects their psychology, and they step back from their decision of going through an abortion. So, at last we can conclude that, ultrasound plays a huge role in reducing lots of abortions.

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