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Top 4 Things That Need To Be Kept In Mind On Arrival Of Your Newborn

prepare for pregnancy checklist

As new parents, the main thing you should do is be ready with a strong step or every necessary thing that will make labor and first few days at home more easy to go with. Here is a to do checklist to prepare for a new born baby before pregnancy:  

  1. Check health insurance costage
  2. Plan your paternal leaves in order to support your partner  
  3. Do some financial planning in order to pay expenses incurred 
  4. Do essential home repairs in order to make sure your new baby is safe around  


Wondering how much it will cost you to bring your newborn baby into the world? Well equipped health plans are required to cover pregnancy as well as  newborn baby costs as well as an amount spent on testing & screening tests for pregnant women and newborns. 

But if already an insurance plan is on the way before then it might be a “great plan” and necessarily cover your extra or childbirth costs. ­The best way to find out what your plan covers is to contact your insurance agency with a lot of questions and take detailed points about your insurance policy. 

This is also a good time to inquire about adding your newborn baby to your insurance plan. Your newborn baby needs to have insurance from the first month or a lifetime policy, but after that they will need to be added on as a separate person. 


Paternal leaves are allowed to take when their  baby is due. Your company may also offer you a certain number of leaves for taking care of your new born baby. According to your company, you might fill in any gap with holiday leaves. Enquire about your leaves from your working department early so you have time to plan and fill out the necessary forms and complete.


It’s no secret that children’s expenses are more ! It’s a good idea to find a spendable amount not only for the first year of your baby’s life, but also for a long-term expense such as education and extracurricular activities. Consider opening up a savings account for your little one. You can then make monthly contributions and then you can just adjust the monthly balance to go smoothly. 


Set necessary holes in the wall and replace light bulbs. These are the basics ? Who has time for that with a newborn baby to get these things done ! Get all these home repairs , renovations done before the baby arrives. If you and your partner aren’t handy, consider hiring a helpman.

Here are some things to keep in mind before pregnancy to prepare an ideal checklist.

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