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Essential Reasons to Have an Early Baby Scan

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Early pregnancy is an exciting time for couples as they have the curiosity to see their baby as soon as possible. Either you are a new pregnant mum preparing to enter a new phase of your life, or you have experienced pregnancy before; either way, it’s obvious to feel anxious about the pregnancy and health of your unborn baby. It is the reason most women choose early pregnancy scans.

Although anyone can go for this scan, it is especially for those who are not sure about their dates, have other concerns like bleeding, pelvic pains or have experienced the disappearance of early pregnancy symptoms when they must be felt.

Why should you have an early baby scan?

Ease your concerns and worries

Most of the clinics offer an early baby scan which is non-medical. It means they can not deny or confirm the feasibility of the pregnancy. However, they are qualified professionals and can quickly spot any early signs of complications. It helps ease your worries and concerns, and if anything needs attention, an extra NHS scan is arranged.

Ensures a single or multiple pregnancies

If you already have twins in the family, you might want to check if you have been blessed again in the same way. Also, multiple pregnancies are more common these days. They can often be verified at the time of an early baby scan when either two separate heartbeats or two amniotic sacs are detected.

Say Hi to your cutest baby.

An early pregnancy scan is a type of magical experience. Here at Bump2baby scans, we provide parents a chance to see their beautiful baby in 2D, 3D, 4D, or HD imagery in the too-early pregnancy stages. This 7-week baby scan is an outstanding opportunity that helps you to connect with your baby and make you feel happier and more real. Plus, you can even take an image copy of the baby scan.

Find out the due date to welcome your baby.

Early Pregnancy scans are an amazing way to verify your gestation period and get a rough idea of your baby’s due date. Providing that you are at least six weeks pregnant, the sonographer would be able to measure the baby from the crown to the tail. This measurement can estimate when your mini version will make his/her grand entry!

Listen to the tiny heartbeat of your little one.

Usually, a baby’s heartbeat can be detected after six weeks of being pregnant with the help of an ultrasound. It is the reason that private baby scans are typically offered. It may not seem like much, but listening to their baby’s continuous beat can be an incredible experience for new-pregnant mothers. This is what people need to relax their minds and make them feel that everything will be fine.

Final Words

If you feel anxious about your pregnancy, an early baby scan could be ideal for you. It will not just ease your worries but also be an unforgettable experience that you will cherish for life. The expert team at Bump2baby scans performs a private baby scan six months since your last menstrual cycle. To know more, get in touch with us.

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