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4D Baby Scan: What Is It All About?

4D Baby Scan

You might be trying to determine what these 4D baby scans are all about. Chances are you’ve heard about it from someone, or you have come across this term on the internet. Continue reading this to know what the scan is all about, including working, benefits, and safety.

How do 4D scans work?

Pregnancy is such a wonderful and exciting time marked by uncertainty and anticipation. But the best part is it can be handled by monitoring. It is the reason that these scans are so important. The ultrasound images show a lot in detail, but they still don’t provide a clear picture of what your baby looks like. All thanks to the advancement in the medical world, now 3D and 4D baby scans are available for expectant couples.

4D pregnancy scans utilize the same technology as 2D scans, but it is a step ahead by providing you with a 3D view in motion. In this way, you can view your child’s shape and other details that will make you feel that your baby has been born.

They are more like a real-time picture of your baby. With 4D scanning, various pictures are created in real-time, and you can see your baby’s movements, like the moving of arms, legs, or opening of eyes inside the womb.

Benefits of a 4D Scan

Here are some of the essential benefits of a 4D scan:

  •       It enhances the parenting relationships with the child.
  •       The recorded data can be kept on record for expert review.
  •       Shorter time for fetal heart screening and diagnosis.
  •       It also shares the benefits of 3D ultrasound, which include examining the placement localization, foetal heartbeat, and assessing foetal growth and well-being.
  •       Reliable and easy way to determine the baby’s gender.
  •       It also helps figure out the estimated pregnancy due date and is a safe process that lets medical professionals get an accurate measurement and evaluation of the baby.
  •       4D scans provide a higher level of accuracy in examining the chances of abnormalities that give more time to take possible actions or medical procedures to cure the situation if possible.
  •       It brings comfort, satisfaction, and peace of mind to the parents.

Are 4D ultrasounds safe?

There is no such proven risk that health care providers advise for getting 4D ultrasounds that are not medically necessary. They are completely safe for both baby and mother. Our 4D scan equipment runs at the same intensity as the 2D scanning equipment that emits sound waves into the body that creates a picture based on the echoes it hears. These scans don’t expose your baby to radiations and are painless. So, you can always opt for a baby scan without any worries.

At Bump2Baby Scans, we completely understand the importance of carefully checking the foetus. That’s why we are equipped with the latest technology to assess the development and growth of your unborn baby at different stages of the pregnancy. Our 4D baby scans help detect any abnormalities and illnesses to cure them in advance to prevent undesirable contingencies.

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