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Week 7 of pregnancy (Days 49-55)

7 Week Baby Scan

Your first pregnancy ultrasound is typically a momentous occasion: you’re 12 or 13 weeks pregnant and eager to see the baby who has been developing for the past three months. But occasionally, an earlier ultrasound is required. Because so much gestational development takes place between 7 and 12 weeks, getting an ultrasound early on is very different from getting one during your first trimester. Since there is a lot you might not see during a 7 Week Baby Scan, still it will be the bonding opportunity that you were hoping for. And so here’s what you can expect.

Your Baby

You will see the following developments on a 7-week baby scan.

Gestational sac- This describes the fluid-filled space surrounding the embryo and is one of the earliest outward visible signs of pregnancy. It typically develops by week five of gestation and, when detected on an ultrasound, can almost always be used to confirm an intrauterine pregnancy. It will appear as a transparent, dark circular, or oblong shape that stands out sharply against the opaque, whitish interior of your uterus.

Yolk sac- You should be able to see the yolk sac inside the gestational sac before you can see an embryo. It is the first organ to form inside the gestational sac, and up until the placenta forms, it gives your baby nutrition and oxygen. Inside the sac, it will appear as a tiny white ring or bubble.

Fetal pole- The first sign that your baby is developing inside the gestational sac is the yolk sac. The yolk sac will appear to be attached to a thick, white shape. It might be curved or oblong, depending on how far along you are. Transvaginal ultrasound can generally detect it by the sixth week of pregnancy. The baby’s heartbeat would be visible here.

Seven weeks pregnant symptoms

If you haven’t already, you’re probably going to start experiencing early pregnancy symptoms as well as some new ones as your baby grows. These consist of:

Food aversions and nausea

You may experience nausea, food aversions, and cravings during the entire course of your pregnancy. Try to stay away from foods and smells that make your symptoms worse. Once your morning sickness has passed, prenatal vitamins can assist in bridging the gap between your limited diet and healthy eating habits.

Excess saliva

During this week, you might experience annoying symptoms like excessive salivation and the need to spit. Avoid irritants that could worsen the issue, such as smoke. Try sucking on hard candies or chewing sugar-free gum. Regularly drinking water may help to reduce saliva production in your mouth as you stay hydrated at the same time.


In the first and third trimesters, fatigue is normal. To get more sleep, try to go to bed earlier. Before beginning any new fitness regimens or if you have any questions or concerns about exercising safely while pregnant, consult your doctor.

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