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All That You Need To Know About The 8 Week Baby Scan

8-week baby scan

When you’re expecting for the first time, going to those first few doctor’s appointments may feel completely unreal. These initial visits are typically used to create a baseline for your health before the pregnancy begins and to check on the pregnancy’s development. The 8-week baby scan is a significant point in the process. You may be wondering, “Why do I need an ultrasound at 8 weeks of my pregnancy?” or “What can I expect during my 8-week ultrasound?” We’ll address all of these issues and more in this blog.

Why Consider an 8-Week Baby Scan?

Between 8 and 12 weeks pregnant, the healthcare expert who is assisting you may recommend that you make an appointment for your first ultrasound. The primary objective of this scan is to establish the exact gestational age of your unborn child. This date is an estimation that will be quite accurate because it is based on the size of your kid and how much development they have achieved.

Baby at 8 Weeks

Your fetus will have a length of around half an inch from the crown of its head to the tip of its small tail when you are eight weeks pregnant. In the 8-week baby scan, it is possible to observe the development of the embryo, particularly their disproportionately large heads in comparison to their bodies. 

Your baby may also exhibit involuntary movements, such as a brief flicker or a jump. Because these movements are so incredibly subtle, you won’t be able to detect them even if you try. You may notice some activity on the screen if your infant is awake and active.

You at 8 Weeks

Even while you might not feel anything different, there is a lot of change occurring in your uterus. At the 8-week mark of your pregnancy, the average size of your uterus is comparable to that of a tennis ball. You may experience some pressure or weight during the day. Cramps during pregnancy can occasionally be a source of annoyance and discomfort. 

There’s a good chance that pregnancy hormones are making you feel nauseous and emotional, but rest assured that each of these symptoms serves a purpose in your baby’s development. The process of helping your child develop normally requires your full attention around the clock. At this point in your pregnancy, feeling fatigued is normal, so there’s no need to worry about it.

Development till the 8th week

  • Their nose is beginning to become more noticeable. It will have an appearance that is compressed and somewhat snubbed.
  • The upper jaw and the roof of the mouth are beginning to come closer together.
  • The auditory canal and the tongue get developed.
  • Although their eyes are in the process of developing, they are adequately protected by a covering of skin.
  • Leg and arm buds are developing right now.
  • Webbed fingers formed.
  • Their stubby tail is getting shorter by the day.

Last Words

When you find out you’re pregnant, contact a doctor to schedule an exam and ultrasound. In addition to confirming the pregnancy and your due date, this can also check for a good heartbeat in the unborn child or children. An ultrasound, either transvaginally or abdominally, is a safe way to have your first look at your baby during the 8-week checkup.

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