Weird Pregnancy Cravings

The 7 Most Weird Pregnancy Cravings

Cravings are just one of the many pleasures of pregnancy. They can be unusual and amazing, or simply strange. During the nine months of pregnancy, up to 60% of pregnant women report a change in their taste buds, which occurs at the same time as food aversions (when the foods you loved suddenly make you ill). Have you ever wondered why you have these cravings and what they mean? Turns out there is a solid explanation for this. The most common perception is that food cravings indicate a deficiency of vitamins or nutrients in the body. It is a fascinating concept that the body can arouse desires for what it needs at such a critical time. Hormonal changes could also be a factor in weird food cravings during pregnancy. Because the body adapts and prioritizes the growth of the baby, imbalances occur. Food cravings can also be caused by a woman’s increased sense of smell or taste.

Weird Pregnancy Cravings

1. Ice Cream on Toast

You’ve probably heard that pregnant women like to eat a lot of ice cream. It’s one of their favourite foods, and it could indicate that your body needs more calcium.

Some expectant moms, on the other hand, take it a step further by stacking their ice cream on another high-carb base. If it’s not a slice of toast, it’s probably a pasta dish. Either way, the ice cream seems to match this bread base and others well.

2. Toothpaste

Your pregnancy has been confirmed by a baby scan. How long did it take you to taste the toothpaste after that?

Most women are not interested in eating toothpaste; they prefer the flavour and feel of brushing their teeth. This happens because pregnant women seek stability and a warm environment. Related to this is brushing your teeth – you’ve been doing it since childhood, so it’s only natural that it gives you the sense of security you need.

3. Seaweed

On that note, you might have an insatiable craving for seaweed. To be fair, it’s a niche snack. However, you can’t stop thinking about it – or including it in your pregnancy regimen.

Fortunately, seaweed, like strawberries, has a lot to offer when it comes to health. You get vitamin B12, which is great news if you’re a vegetarian, as it’s hard to find in most plant-based foods. Seaweed also contains iodine, a mineral important for your baby’s neurological system and brain development.

However, you cannot consume as much seaweed as other fruits and vegetables. To keep you and your baby safe, limit your iodine intake to 220 micrograms per day.

4. Ice

It’s an unusual craving. It appears to be common in anaemic pregnant women. The increased blood volume requires more iron, but the body cannot keep up with the production of red blood cells. This is why so many pregnant women suffer from anaemia. “What does the Ice Crew have to do with iron deficiency?” You might ask yourself. We’re not sure, but they seem to be related. So if you find yourself chewing or sucking on ice, see your doctor for a simple blood test. You can take an iron supplement or increase your intake of fish, eggs, poultry, nuts, and vegetables if you are anaemic.

5. Chocolate

Chocolate cravings can be viewed in two ways. Chocolate produces serotonin, which causes the production of endorphins in the brain. To put it another way, chocolate is a pleasant treat. Pregnancy can be a good time, but it also has its dark times. You might crave chocolate to cheer you up naturally. This could explain why so many women crave chocolate during their period. Chocolate is high in sugar, fat, and calories, so keep that in mind. It’s great in small doses. So consider adding modest amounts to your healthier pleasures and reap the rewards.

6. Lemons

Lemons can help reduce an unpleasant taste in your mouth that has formed as a result of a change in your taste buds. They can also help relieve nausea that accompanies pregnancy. If you want to stay hydrated, try putting lemons in your water. If you prefer to eat the whole fruit, keep your portions small. The acid can eat away at your tooth enamel and cause dental problems.

7. Pickles

Pickle cravings are not only the most common cravings but also the most observable during pregnancy. According to experts, this hunger could be a sign of a salt deficiency. Because a woman’s blood volume increases dramatically during pregnancy, her body needs more sodium. So if you are craving pickles, chips, or other salty snacks, it could be a sign that your body needs more sodium. Return the call, but don’t overdo it. Too much sodium during pregnancy can cause high blood pressure and other complications. Dehydration is another cause of salty cravings. So, during your pregnancy, remember to consume enough water.

Final Thoughts on Weird Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnancy is a great time for a woman. Enjoy every minute, even weird food cravings. Keep in mind that you may need to be moderate with some of these. The upside is that you can enjoy foods that you don’t usually like, so make it a rewarding, albeit temporary, experience. Are you ready to unleash your full health and relationship potential? Work one-on-one with us. Contact Bump2Baby Scans today!