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Pelvic Pain during Pregnancy

Pelvic Pain during Pregnancy

An expecting mother experiences a lot of ups and downs in her 9 months of the pregnancy journey. These are the major reasons including cravings, nausea, morning sickness while there are more like hospital visits and the happy moments with their partner. One such experience that most of the expecting mothers have to go through is the pelvic pain during pregnancy.

Pregnancy-related Pelvic Pain is the pain a pregnant lady experiences around 1 in 5 women anywhere in the lower back, thighs, hips. Pelvic pain may be mild in starting or sometimes it may be very severe. Pelvic pain can be felt at any stage either during pregnancy, labour or in the weeks or after giving birth.

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Even normal activities can be painful during Pelvic pain which are as follows:

  • Walking 
  • Climbing stairs
  • Turning over in bed
  • Putting on socks/tights/shoes/trousers
  • Getting in/out of the car and driving

The symptoms of Pelvic pain are as follows:

  • Pain over the lower back, roughly level with your hips and below your tummy.
  • Pain across one or both sides of your lower back in your body
  • Some women may feel or hear a clicking or grinding around the pelvic area.

What causes Pregnancy Pelvic pain?

While it’s hard to say what is the exact reason for pelvic pain, usually there are a huge number of factors causing pelvic pain including joints moving unevenly. Poor muscle function in the back, and pelvic area is also considered as a reason.

What are the exercises you can do if you are experiencing pelvic pain 

It’s important to remember that pelvic pain affects women differently; what works for one person might not work for another. Some women report pain while walking, others say that swimming or aqua natal exercises are fine. It’s important to be person-specific and do exercises under the guidance of a experienced person to strengthen your Pelvic floor, stomach and back

Labour and childbirth with Pelvic pain 

Women experiencing pelvic pain in pregnancy can undergo giving a normal birth. Both you and your partner need to talk about your birth plan with your doctor. Ask them about the positions that may be easier for you during labour and at time of delivery.

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