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Is a Headache During Pregnancy Something to Worry About?

Headache During Pregnancy

Headache During Pregnancy is not a good sign, also few people are not very comfortable with their body changes as they have to deal with a major issue ie: headache.

Headaches are considered as a normal symptom of pregnancy, but it is always questioned as a cause for concern.

As said by the doctors you can proceed further in some of the complications.But whether they are normal or not you should always have a conversation with your doctor.”

Here are some highlighting points which cause headaches during pregnancy, some treatment to them and why your doctor should be kept in the loop.

Is it a headache or something else?

It is not easy to tell what kind of headache you’re going through, but the most common types of headaches during pregnancy are tension-type headaches, migraines and cluster headaches.

Tension headaches are found to be the most common type of headache in pregnant women. It feels like someone is trying to apply a huge pressure on your head . If you have stress in your shoulders and neck, there are more chances to have such headaches.

Cluster headaches are less common but can occur during pregnancy.Suddenly you can go through severe headaches, eye pain, bodyache and much more during pregnancy, mostly everyday if not taken care of.

Here are some positive points to be noted down

Tips for relieving mild headaches

  • Get plenty of rest. Sleep is one of the biggest factors in your pregnancy which ultimately adds a positive point to both of your physical and mental health. Find yourself a comfortable pillow and have plenty of rest.
  • Drink plenty of water. Pregnant moms are advised to drink more water than the average person. Other than this you can avoid extra going to the bathroom, a good amount of fluid intake is important for you and baby.
  • Eat regular, well-balanced meals. To prevent motions and causioness , eat small meals throughout the day. Avoid drinks, like soda as well as  candy.
  • Get a full body massage. A full-body massage can release tension in the muscles of your neck, shoulders and back.Which ultimately results in good health during pregnancy.
  • Use warm cloth on your head, neck and shoulders.
  • Perform daily exercises in order to keep your body.

When should I call my doctor?

You can call your doctor at specific times & moments where you think the situation is going out of control. Which are as follows :

  1. When headache goes to severe level and pain is unbearable 
  2. When you think that your body is uneasy and then you can visit your doctor and get your body checked up.
  3. At times when your nerves and eyes are paining can cause damage to the body so at that time you need to visit your doctor.

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