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How Covid-19 affects the baby scan and the pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is one of the best and beautiful phases one can endure. Pregnancy is not enduring only for the mothers; it is an amazing experience for the father’s as well. It is a very extraordinary bond connecting the husband and wife, showing that love endures.So undergoing baby scan in pregnancy is one of the most important step during Covid 19.

The covid-19 pandemic has put the whole world on pause. Such times are very challenging for each of us to deal with such an unpredictable pandemic. This pandemic has increased a lot of anxiety and fear in people’s minds, especially if you’re a pregnant woman, it is quite common for you to feel this stress and anxiety during this pandemic.

As per the research, a pregnant woman is at average risk they are affected by the mild flu-like indications which are quite common, but if they have other health conditions like diabetes, lung infection, or any respiratory disorder, etc. then they are at high risk during such cases it is better to take the doctor’s advice. But in general, every pregnant woman should take precautions for themselves and their baby.

During the pregnancy, the pregnant woman will have midwife checkups and visits for scans to check the baby’s health. So there will be overall two routine scans with NHS to be done and the normal midwife appointments. For the regular checkups, many midwives are offering telephone appointments so that you are not exposed to any risk and unwanted interactions. There are a lot of advantages when you opt for the telephone appointments, it saves time, energy, and also it is very safe for you and your baby to avoid the crowd and be safe at home.

So what should be done if there is a situation where you cannot avoid the baby scans, and you must go to the doctor in case of prenatal and antenatal scans?

In such cases, if you are asking this question to yourself then the answer is, of course, a big YES. The scans are very important for the mother and the baby both to know the babies and the mother’s health condition. Also, it is very beneficial for the doctor to track the baby’s health, like in the growth of the baby, if there are any abnormalities, the position of the baby, monitoring of multiple births, and also determining the due date for the delivery.

How many scans to be done during the pregnancy?

The baby scans depend on the woman based on health conditions. Also, you should consult the doctor to know how many scans you need to have. As said earlier you will usually have two routine NHS scans. The two main scans done at NHS are:

  1. Nuchal Translucency scan (NT scan)
  2. Anomaly scan

It is a common fear in all pregnant women about being exposed to the covid-19 during the visit to the hospital, but you should be aware that the hospitals are taking all the required precautions to make sure the visitors are safe. Also, you should take safety measures while you’re on a visit to the hospitals. You should use a mask, use the sanitisers, keep at least 2 meter social distance from people. Wash your hands thoroughly after you come home.

The most important aspect here is to not only take care of your physical health but, also, you need to take care of your mental health. Yes, of course, this pandemic has let each one of us be more anxious about what is going on currently. But make sure you talk frankly to your loved ones and share all the fear or any sort of anxiety you’re facing so they can support you in such times. Also, make sure you visit the doctors/Midwives for all the required appointments so that there is no such negligence in taking care of you and your baby.

If there is an emergency or any urgent scans to be done, let your midwife know about it and get in touch with us immediately.

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