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Everything You Need To Know About Baby Scan

Baby Scan

Baby scanning, mostly known as ultrasound or prenatal scanning, is a common process performed during pregnancy to check the various factors like the baby’s health, age, size, and due date. A baby scan is not just essential in handling a woman’s pregnancy but plays an essential role in figuring out the various health problems before it gets worse.

With technological advancement, getting a 4D baby scan or 3D baby scan has become easier. Are you also expecting a baby scan? Here is everything you need to know before baby scanning.

What is a baby scan, and how is it performed?

A baby scan is a procedure that uses sound waves to produce 3D images of your baby while it is in the womb. Through this imaging, it becomes easy to determine the baby’s health. Many anatomy defects or health problems can be recognized earlier with the help of a baby scan, and the steps can be taken to handle them.

If we talk about the process, it includes rubbing a gel over the stomach that helps produce good images of the foetus. After that, a probe-like device known as a transducer is slowly run on the stomach. The transducer passes high-frequency soundwaves through the stomach, converted into photographic or video images. The entire procedure is painless and doesn’t cause any harm to the mother or the baby.

What is the right time for getting a baby scan? How long does the process take?

A baby Scan is usually done twice during the entire pregnancy journey. One is done at 10-14 weeks and the other at 18-21 weeks.

The first scan is done for the estimation of a due date and to check if there are multiple babies. On the other hand, the second scan is an extended scan and is done to inspect any health conditions or irregularities in the baby.

Although you are not bound to get the scans, it is better to consider them as they can help determine underlying conditions and make decisions for the same. The baby’s movement, heartbeat, arms, and body can also be seen on the ultrasound.

If you want to know the gender of your baby, it can typically be determined after 20 weeks. Make sure to share with your health care provider whether you are interested to know the gender of your baby or not.

In short, a baby scan is done during your pregnancy to determine:

  •       Amount of the amniotic fluid around the baby
  •       Baby’s expected weight
  •       Baby’s Position
  •       Placenta location
  •       Baby’s Health
  •       Gestational Age
  •       Presence of multiple foetuses

This whole process usually takes 30 to 40 minutes, but it can take longer if the baby is in a position that is hard to identify. 

Is a baby scan harmful?

A baby scan is a safe process that does not harm the mother or the baby in any way. Unlike famous belief, ultrasound does not utilise radiation, just like X-ray. Furthermore, a baby scan is the best way to determine abnormalities or any complications earlier in the pregnancy, which can be helpful.

Where to get the Baby scanning?

Usually, a baby scan is performed at the gynaecologist’s clinic itself, but there are various baby scanning clinics with advanced technology. So, if you are planning to get your baby scanning done, the Bump2Baby Scan is a viable option. We have great offers and packages for 3D and 4D baby scans.

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