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Different stages of pregnancy

stages of pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most wonderful thing in a woman’s life, as it brings a lot of memorable moments. For a woman to know that she is expecting a child and to see that life is developing inside her body is a marvelous adventure even though there will be a lot of ups and downs throughout the journey.

Pregnancy might be different from woman to woman and also different for the same woman during each pregnancy. It is not necessary what you feel in the first pregnancy will be the same for your second pregnancy. 

A healthy pregnancy continues up to 9 months (40 weeks) from the initial date of your last menstrual cycle to the delivery of the child.

The pregnancy is classified into three stages called trimesters: 

1) First trimester (0-12 weeks)
2) Second trimester (12-28 weeks)
3) Third trimester (after 28 weeks)

What are the early signs of the pregnancy that compel you to get tested?

The menstrual cycle differs for every woman depending on their health condition, we prefer you to keep track of your menstrual cycle every month. Usually, a woman has a menstrual cycle of 25 to 28 days, so in case if you miss your periods then expected you should get your pregnancy test done.

Can there be other causes for a missed period?

It is not necessary that you miss your periods only for pregnancy purposes. There may be health conditions as well in which your periods will be missed. This may be because of the stress you are going through or other sorts of illness like PCOD/PCOS, etc. In case if you missed it and your pregnancy test is negative then you should go and meet the doctor so that you will be treated well with proper medication.

First Trimester (0-12 weeks)

The First Trimester is the first stage of pregnancy and you can call it the early changes in the woman’s body.

If you miss your periods then that may be the first sign that the fertilization has occurred, and the ovulation has stopped, which indicates that you’re pregnant. There are a lot of physical and delicate changes taking place in the woman’s body.

The Hormonal changes will almost affect all the organs in the body during pregnancy and the symptoms include:

  • Weakness
  • Tiredness
  • Nausea 
  • Upper abdomen pain 
  • Lower abdomen Cramping 
  • A lot of Acidities and even back pain 
  • Weight gain or weight loss

Second Trimester (12 to 28 weeks)

The Second trimester is the second stage of pregnancy, and you will see a lot of variations in your physique, you will be feeling much better in the second trimester then the first trimester the morning sickness may disappear or may lessen. But you will see more changes in your body. Your baby bump will start to show as your abdomen size and charts increase by the fifth month and you will feel your baby movement.

The symptoms you face in the second trimester include:

  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Round ligament pain
  • Swelling

What will you feel when the baby moves?

During the second trimester, you will start sensing your child’s moves. Before this, you may have some symptoms, but you don’t observe the baby’s movement so you don’t feel that you’re pregnant. Between 20 to 24 weeks is a common time to feel baby movement. During this time movements are going to be quite occasional, some days you may feel more and some days you will feel less movement. It does not mean the baby is not doing well, your baby is still small, towards the end of the second trimester around 24 weeks, you are going to feel movement a lot more frequently.

During the 20 weeks of pregnancy, you will have the anolomly ultrasound scan , which is very important scan to be done by this scan you will know about your baby’s brain, heart, lungs, kidneys are functioning properly.So this 20-week ultrasound for most low-risk pregnancies is your last ultrasound.

Third Trimester (After 28 weeks)

The third trimester is the last stage of pregnancy and you will face a lot of uneasiness as your baby will develop more, and you will have a lot of force on the abdominal organs. Also, you will have noticed that you may have gained some weight along the way, you will sometimes face issues in breathing, urinating, and sleeping as well.

In this third trimester, your doctor’s visit’s change frequently, now you will have to see the doctor every 2 weeks at the end days of pregnancy, and during one of those visits, you will get the pertussis vaccine. Some of the common observations in the third trimester are growing maternal size, the baby is getting bigger and the baby is sort of running out of room. You notice more pressure in your ribs, You might have pain in your upper abdomen.

The symptoms you face in the third trimester include:

  • Swelling
  • Leaking of breast 
  • Contractions
  • Heartburn 
  • Trouble in sleeping

Feel free to contact Bump2babyscan any time if you face any issues during your pregnancy, we are always here to help you anytime.

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