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Early Blood Pregnancy Test(BPT) or Urine Test

home pregnancy test

Blood Pregnancy Test (BPT)

The blood pregnancy test (BPT) is normally known as the first most or early pregnancy test. It gives actual ideas about the division of the hCG hormone ie:  (human chorionic gonadotropin) and is discharged within time the embryo develops. So is the reason, this test is known as the “BPT” blood test.

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The Temptation

Awaiting to be pregnant, women are most waiting to test pregnancy at home. Home pregnancy tests are not always that accurate to make sure that results are correct. In fact, it is also advised to fertility patients to not perform pregnancy tests at home as it is seen many times it tends to give false outcomes. Hence, there is a possibility to get a false positive result in a home pregnancy. This is the major reason for home tests failure to ascertain the difference between the two. 

Blood Tests to undergo during Pregnancy

The pregnancy blood tests or the pregnancy urine tests are organised to evaluate and determine the level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the blood to confirm the starting stage of pregnancy. Soon after the conception, in a time period of maximum 10 days of fertilisation, the placenta releases the HCG into the bloodstream.

There are mainly two pregnancy blood tests:

  1. The quantity blood test to calculate the concentration level of hCG in the blood
  2. The quality test to ascertain the presence of hCG

Correct Time to Take the Pregnancy Test

For 1st time mother’s, a minimum of 7 days wait after a missed period is the best time to go for a home pregnancy test. The first urine of the morning is the best to use when checking for a pregnancy. Urine home-pregnancy tests performed by women at home are at most accurate percent of 97%. However, the BPT delivers an accurate result. A home pregnancy test is never reliable as they can inculcate false hopes in the woman or even can rule out a positive pregnancy.

Blood Tests for Pregnancy

Blood tests become most compulsory for all those women for confirming a positive pregnancy test. Blood tests for pregnancy are performed at the doctor’s,clinic or at the workplace and can detect pregnancies easily even before the home pregnancy test. This test can be for sure a  successful pregnancy test after around 6-8 days after ovulation. In case you are not sure about the results of your home pregnancy test, you can go for the BETA blood test to get accurate results.

The 2 sorts of blood pregnancy tests are:  

  1. Subjective hCG Test: Subjective hCG Test decides the presence of hCG in the circulatory system. It gives signals for the presence or no presence of hCG chemical in the blood. This test is directed for the most part inside ten days of a missed period.
  2. Quantitative hCG Test/BETA hCG: Quantitative hCG Test/beta hCG figures the specific amount of hCG present in the blood. This test is prepared to do in any event, discovering extremely low degrees of hCG. Quantitative hCG Test/BETA hCG is likewise directed to follow issues during pregnancy.

Blood Pregnancy Test (BPT) for IVF Patients

IVF facilities never depend on home pregnancy tests. The superb purpose for that is the patients are not specialists in making a decision about the outcomes or in any event, directing the tests appropriately. On numerous events, the pee gets weakened before getting tested. Thus, the grouping of hCG chemicals is upset. We generally demand taking the BPT for IVF patients to get the right outcome straightforwardly. It isn’t at all savvy to settle on the pregnancy test-go for blood tests rather than home tests.

There is a subjective benefit of BPT over the home tests. Pee tests give a temperamental outcome, though, the blood test gives subjective outcomes. The sequential tests directed by the specialist screens the soundness of the pregnancy.

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