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All set to welcome a baby, here is what you need to add to your checklist for a hospital bag

hospital bag checklist

All set to welcome your baby on board? Start checking your hospital bag checklist as you may anytime deliver a baby after 32 weeks, so be ready with all the essential things required for your labor and after delivery, as well as the baby. You should start packing your bag by 28 weeks if you deliver a bit earlier than expected, it saves your last-minute time.

Pack your bag wisely, it is not necessary to buy the new bag you can pack with what you have even if the small suitcase would be fine. Other than that, try to assemble things in an organized way, so you don’t have to search later.

Here the things you need to note down for hospital bag checklist:

1) Birth plan (if you have made one) & hospital records: It is the most important to carry as you need to submit your documents when you arrive at the hospital

2) Clothes: you will need to choose clothes which are comfortable and loose-fitting, and probably something which keeps you warm throughout, in pharmacies up and down in the UK, you can also buy disposable pants as you will be messy after giving birth and we recommend you to use disposable one rather than taking new ones.

3) Slippers: Choose backless ones, so it is easy to slip on and off so that you are not walking around the hospital full of shoes.

4) A nightgown or something comfy. Hospital gowns are not great

5) We recommend one change of clothes for your birth partner.

6) If you have long hair, make sure you have bands to tie it back. You might want your hairbrush. Also, a headband that is going to keep all your hair away from your face during labor.

7) Nipple cream: The main thing to be added to your hospital checkout list. It prevents your nipple from growing painful and broken.

8) A washcloth can help you feel a little bit more refreshed.

9) Water bottle: This is a must to help you stay hydrated during labor, but once the baby’s arrived, especially if you have had an epidural or a c-section, you don’t need to be up and down.

10) Breast pads: They are cotton pads that slip into your bra to absorb any leakage that might happen when your breastfeeding.

11) Maternity Pads:  These are necessary, but we would recommend only taking one pack to start if you have a shortage of it the hospital can provide. Make sure you pick up maternity pads and not sanitary pads, as these tend to be a bit more absorbent.

12) Don’t forget a towel, soap & shampoo, because you are going to shower.

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