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3D/4D Pregnancy Baby Scan clinic in Leicester

3D 4D Baby Scan

Specialists in 3D/4D Pregnancy baby scans

We offer the best 3D/4D pregnancy baby ultrasound in Leicester. You and your partner can experience the once in a lifetime adventure of viewing your  baby’s movements from as early as 7 weeks.

3D ultrasound

A 3D scan is a more advanced development of imaging technology that has promoted volume data which are created by reflected waves at angles that differ from one another. High-speed computing software then integrates this information to create a 3D image.

4D ultrasound

This Ultrasound technology enables the live streaming of 3D images. In other words, patients can view the live motion of the fetal valves, heart wall blood flow, etc. 4D ultrasound technology is 3D ultrasound in motion.

When is the best time for a 3D/4D Scan?

The best time to attend for a 3D/4D baby scan is anywhere between 28 to 32 weeks as this appears to be the most successful time capturing the best images and video clips of your baby. We offer three different packages. We have the silver 4D/HD Live package, Gold 4D/HD Live package, and Add-ons & Extra.

What is included in the well-baby check?

The well-baby check includes determining the position, growth, and listen to baby’s heart beat. Also, examine fetal movements, placental position, and amount of amniotic fluid when indicated.

Are you finding the best 3D/4D scan clinic in Leicester?

We have the best solution for you. You can contact the BumptoBaby scan clinic. For any query regarding 3D/4D scan, feel free to contact us any time.

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