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11 Things Unborn Babies Can Do in the Womb

baby movement in the womb

Do you have any idea of what your baby does inside the womb? No doubt that pregnancy for a mother is one of the most remarkable experiences in her life. Every week the pregnancy adds a new adventure in which your baby develops little by little and learns new things. It’s amazing that the learning process starts right inside the womb and goes lifelong!

If you are pregnant and ever wondered what your baby may be doing inside your womb, then here are some possible things that you can expect:

How to love you 

The most incredible part of parenting is that your baby knows who you are over the whole nine months. The mother of a baby is the first person with whom they have a bond, and they are connected to you. That’s not all your baby can sense the change in your mood and temperament as well.


Even babies inside the womb depend on oxygen to survive. This oxygen is provided through the umbilical cord. Although, despite that, when they are out of the womb, the babies do breathing exercise that helps them to breathe. This workout begins during the ninth week of the pregnancy. Interestingly, the baby’s first breath is an initiation by the drastic variation of the environment once it is out of the womb.

Opening and closing eyes

Your baby becomes capable of closing or opening its eye before it is born. During the 27th week of pregnancy, babies become sensitive to light signals. It performs to react with light though it does not have sufficient to see inside. Scientific research has found how unborn babies turn their eyes away from the light that passes through the mother’s belly button.


Smiling is an essential life skill out of the womb. 4D scans have clearly shown the pictures of babies smiling inside the womb from around the 26th week of pregnancy. You must have wondered how your baby learned the art of the heart-warming smile when they were out of the womb.


Shedding tears starts inside the womb itself. The first cry outside the womb is very important as it means that oxygen has reached its brains and it is perfectly healthy. Before babies learn to speak, crying is very important to them as a means of communication. Some experiments have shown how unborn babies exhibit a quivering lower lip when crying inside the womb!


You might be going for never-ending bathroom trips when you are pregnant, but your baby is peeing inside!! By the 12th week of pregnancy, babies start urinating right inside the womb. This skill is important for it to be able to expel waste inside its body.

Testing Food

The flavors of foods that expecting moms intakes are indicated in the amniotic fluid around the baby. Certain flavors like ginger, garlic, sweet, and anise can alter the flavor of amniotic fluid. It is probably nature’s way to prepare the child for different flavors it is going to encounter after being born. It has been observed that your unborn baby will show a preference for certain flavors by gulping more amniotic fluid when you consume certain foods.


Researchers have revealed that babies start listening to outside sounds during the third trimester. They may also respond to sound with their gentle kick. They always remember the voice of the mother, despite not knowing your words. Therefore, you should talk with your child as a very powerful way of bonding with your unborn baby.


Inside your small womb universe, things can be pretty unexciting for your cute one. So it’s not shocking that your cute bundle of joy will yawn sometimes while being inside the womb. If you are healthy, you might get a glimpse of your yawning baby while specialists take the ultrasound images.


Babies learn hiccuping within the first few weeks of their existence. But, these hiccups are too mild to be detected. During the last stage of pregnancy, you may be able to spot them. However, many expected mothers may not perceive this at all.

Baby Gymnastics 

If you ever swam in a deep pool where you cannot feel the bottom easily is just the same situation of your baby in the womb as they keep floating around in amniotic fluid, and the last month before the labor feels like the baby attempted to rearrange your internal organs, It’s normal for the baby in the womb to move around, as they are always floating and it is the best sign to know that the baby is active and is ready to come out anytime soon, so the babies perform these little things and get restless which is the sign for you to know that it is finally time to meet your baby face to face.

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